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Product Detail Information


The world’s first smart safe sending major events occurred from

the safe to the customer’s mobile phone registered in the customer

center with text message in real time

(Supporting up to 2 mobile numbers /  Able to set the receiving message types from customer’s web site)


History inquiry, remote controlling (shutdown safe) and other functions

can be used from Customer’s Web Site.


Various sensor technologies are applied to detect any abnormal movements 


 Physical shock detection  

 Sound alarm on safe movement detection  


100db alarm will be activated and sends notification to customer’s mobile phone (deluxe model: XQ , X31)  


Additional Features of GEMAX


Police Call 

Supporting a separate password to open safe door on a threatening situation (for calling police or security staffs)


Business Trip


Supporting a temporary access of another user during the main user
of the safe on
a business trip (by generating a One-time password)




Remote Shutdown/Restoration 

Supporting a remote shutdown and re-activation via the Internet or a smart phone 


Special software (GES) for customer service  


- To inquire recent history of a safe
- Master open function
(password algorithm)


Safesystem of GEMAX 


Adapted the digital dial that overcomes the traditional method

     (button/touch type) which exposes password easily.


Also, able to use a smart key as well (combination of smart key and

    password, able to select one) 


Safe in Safe (Digital inside box) - Optional

-The digital inside box that multiple users can use separately

- Smart key type




Internal Lighting (LED type)



- Applied LED lighting on top for easy valuables storage



Advantages of Alegre


Digital dialing method that does not leave any marks

• Shock and movement detection (patent application)

• Offers safe box within the safe (option)

• Diagonal latch (for against cutting attacks)

• Emergency power port, mini USB port supported

• Card/key holder, portable tempered glass shelf,

  LED internal lighting (default)




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