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First aid, plast producing machine

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Sunborn is professional trading company for Iran area over 20years

and supplying various machinery,chemical,raw material,componets to

Iran industrial area and enjoy excelent reputation from customer.

If you have any inquiry or question, don't hesitate contact us.

Machinery spec

Maximum Processing Speed Approximately 1,600 adhesive strips per minute for 18 x 72 mm.

Actual speed may vary depending on the raw materials used.
- Bandage size : Max. 25x72mm,
- Adhesive substrate : PVC, Foam,PE, PU, Non-Woven fabric ,Febric
- Pad : Hydrocolloid sheet, Gauze, Special Non-Wonve Febric etc.
- Protective paper : single-face silicone paper
- Wrapping paper : cold seal & hot seal
- Machine dimensions : Approx. 2,000L x 1,800H x 700W m/m